I1) We are based in self-help and mutual support.

2) We believe that healing is possible and probable for all.

3) We value human language that is non-clinical. This allows each person a space to explore and find their own meaning in their life and their experiences (worldview).

4) We believe in the healing power of choice. Attendance and participation are completely voluntary. It’s okay to just listen.

5) We are not here to “fix” each other or give advice, but rather “be” with one another, creating a culture of reciprocal respect and support.

6) We refrain from universalizing our experience and our worldview. Difference is expected, welcomed, and honored.

7) We refrain from judgment! We challenge ourselves to intentionally come from a place of genuine curiosity when people share their experience and worldview.

8) We welcome bad jokes and respectful humor. 

**Principles of Support were adapted from material created Healing Connections, which adapted them from the Western Mass. Recovery Learning Community (Now Wildflower Alliance) ,Shery Mead's Intentional Peer Support. We also thank the peer practices of Academy of Peer Services. 


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