Refugee References

Refugee Mental Health Films and Video Clips


1. My Small Land Original title: Mai Sumoru Rando 

 (2022) 1 hour 54 minutes     Available on Prime Video 

A Kurdish family is trying to navigate their lives in Japan while facing the difficulties of getting their visa approved and seeking refuge in a foreign country.

Review: “My Small Land” Offers an Intimate Look at Kurdish Refugees in Japan By Jianne Soriano, 20 Nov 22

2. A Day in the Life of Kurdish Refugee Boy (4 minutes) (Voice of America) 

3. CineKurd – Missile -  Mardi (15 minutes) (2017) by Renas Miran - Drama, War


4.  Movie: Salute to Peshmarga  by Ahmad Rambo – War, Drama


5. Turtles Can Fly (2004) 11-minute Explanation

Full film is available on YouTube with membership 


From the Associated Press Archives 

(4 minutes)

September 19, 1996



Refugee Mental Health Academic Studies   

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